The Accurev Drupal CMS Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • # 1 Position for highly competitive top PPC keywords
  • 100% increase in website visitor engagement
  • 75% increase organic keywords driving traffic
  • 63% increase search traffic
  • 40% increase in sales by  month over month
  • 50% decline in the Bounce Rate 
  • 50% decrease in time spent fulfilling orders 
  • Administrative task workload dramatically reduced.
  • New reports with KPI metrics allow the ecommerce business can be managed more effectively.

The Situation

AccuRev provides source code management (SCM) tools that help companies produce higher quality software.  They contacted us because their current website infrastructure was severely limiting their online marketing initiatives. For example, updating and adding content to the site was time-consuming and tedious. Pages on the site were not fully optimized for SEO.  Adding custom ad hoc landing pages for specific online marketing campaigns was next to impossible.

The Challenges

There were numerous technical challenges in this project. Their legacy website contained over 1,000 individual html pages was built using five year old web technology and had numerous integration points. The first major challenge was reverse engineering the current site’s information architecture, navigation and UI design within the new content management system as custom theme.  Other challenges included writing custom a Drupal module for a 3rd party news feed to display syndicated news articles on the home page of the website.

The Strategy and the Solution

Our strategy had a two prong approach. The foundation of the strategy was to put AccuRev on an extensible CMS that would support all their online marketing activities without the next for custom coding. The second prong was to ensure the new infrastructure supported their lead generation efforts. This included seamlessly integrating custom landing pages with web-to-lead  functionality along with customized lead de-duplication capabilities before leads entered the CRM system.

To address AccuRev’s technical web infrastructure needs, we implemented the Drupal content management system to handle the large volume of content on the 1,000+ page website. The Drupal implementation included creating a custom theme, menus, CSS and page templates that replicated the current site design.  Additional items included installing and configuring several add-on modules to improve on-page SEO, Google Analytics tracking and on-site search capabilities.  We also migrated and updated numerous custom Perl scripts which were used by the sites for a variety of functions.

The Results

228% Increase in Search Engine Traffic

Search Engine Traffic: BEFORE

Search Engine Traffic: AFTER

Data Source: SEMRush.  Average visits per day

The AccuRev situation was not unique. Today, there are thousands of companies running on outdated web technology platforms that would get a huge ROI from installing a modern CMS along with the right SEO modules. Fortunately, companies have many options to choose from. The difficult decision is choosing the right vendor and advisor.

At DMZ Interactive we have a solid track record of delivering ROI for our clients and our case studies have the data to prove it. We encourage you to read all the DMZ case studies so you can see for yourself how we transformed each company’s on-line presence.

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