5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Responsive Web Design is the latest hot new trend among web designers. But what is it?

Responsive Web Design is a way of designing websites that makes them look good on tablets, smartphones, and desktops without having to design separate websites for each platform. The magic behind this wonderful new technology is a simple combination of media queries and CSS.

Responsive Design. Everyone’s doing it. Let me tell you why you should too.

1) Mobile is the future! Every day, 1.5 million Android devices are activated. That number is only going to get bigger. You want a website that is specifically designed for mobile, that won’t drive potential customers away with long load times or tiny print.

2) Responsive design is cheaper! Yes, a website with responsive design built in may be more expensive than a website without it. However, when you factor in the cost of creating separate sites for different platforms, or the costs of creating an app and a website, a website with responsive design is the clear winner when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck.

3) Responsive design increases site traffic. Responsive web design, when done right, effectively guarantees that your site will look good (and work) on any platform. This means more traffic to your site on all fronts, and if you’ve done everything right, more customers.

4) No one likes downloading an app when they don’t have to. According to Localytics, 26% of apps downloaded are used just once! With responsive design, potential customers can access your website and all the information contained on a mobile device easily and quickly, without being forced to download an app.

5) Responsive website design makes adapting to new platforms less painful. Since the content is effectively the same from platform to platform, you only have to change a few lines of code to get what you want done.