Build Domain Authority with Deep Content

Domain Authority

When it comes to engaging visitors on your website, content is king. Content drives engagement and makes visitors go deep inside your website. It's what drives your domain authority along with inbound links.

What’s crucial to developing content?

The foundation starts with a good content management system. That system can be Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, or one of the many other CMS platforms.  Without a solid CMS at the foundation, it is almost impossible to create, publish, and manage significant volumes of content efficiently.

What’s a significant volume of content? In our experience, a website needs over 100 pages of search engine optimized content to truly take advantage of Google organic search. Why? Having deep content in a specific area can establish your website as an authority in a specific subject domain with Google Search results.

Sounds like a hassle? It’s easier than you think. Here are a few tactics you can use to get that content generation machine going:

  • Put all your products and services on individual pages on the website. Each page should have a unique URL.
  • Publish press releases on your website. Republish old ones if necessary.
  • Publish embedded YouTube videos from your YouTube Channel
  • Start a blog. Yeah we know it’s a pain. But just do it!
  • Publish an FAQ with customer support questions.
  • Publish current and future job openings.

Don’t have time for publishing content to boost your search engine rankings? There are two other viable options. The first is paid search and the other is inbound links from highly authoritative websites within your industry. In either case, both options are expensive but are viable for certain situations.