Close More B2B Leads with an Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Build trust with your B2B prospects by sending them a monthly email newsletter.

One of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects is with a monthly email newsletter. For companies that cannot afford the expense of a marketing automation solution, a monthly newsletter is good low-budget alternative. If you are already sending out printed newsletters, STOP!

Email newsletters are extremely cost effective compared to printed newsletters and allow you to determine who is reading your newsletter content and what they find interesting. Plus it’s lot more friendly to the environment, considering most people treat printed newsletters as junk mail and throw them in the trash without reading them. The email newsletter is also an excellent tool to remind customers and prospects to visit your website. Remember, not everyone thinks your website is as important as you do. Reaching out via email and letting prospects and customers know what’s happening at your company and providing them with links in your email newsletter is a surefire method for engagement.

Got writers block? Typical newsletter content includes new product announcements, new hires, trade shows your company plans to attend, announcements of seminars you will be running, training programs that are ongoing, etc. The email should be in HTML format and have links back to your website that draw visitors in. You should also send the email out through vendors that apply tracking codes. The tracking codes will allow you to determine email bounces, email opens, and what links are being clicked on inside the email. You should use your blog as a source of content for your newsletter. Consider putting links to video content in the newsletter. Good sources of content for video are product demonstrations, interviews with expert employees, etc. Need an email newsletter vendor?

Aweber Communication offers an email market service for as little as $19 per month. Constant Contact also offers a similar service with a variety of professional templates. With such a low monthly cost there should be no reason not to publish a newsletter on a regular basis. Want to learn more? Download the DMZ 2011 Guide to Building B2B Websites