The Five Key Components of an Effective B2B Website

The Five Key Components of an Effective B2B Website

Looking to build a great B2B website? The foundation of an effective B2B Website has five key components.

The Content Management System (CMS)

The content management system is the glue that ties it all together. A content management system is a software application that makes it easy to publish content to the web. All content publishing and management is performed via your web browser. Gone are the days of hacking HTML code with an HTML editor. Today’s content management systems are robust and extensible and allow you to add new functionality in a plug and play manner.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is all about being found on the web. Can customers find your products and services, or are you invisible? When customers and prospects type in the top 25 keywords for your business, do you show up on the first page of the Google organic search results? If not, you need to optimize your site for organic search and/or start paying for keywords with Google AdWords.

CRM Integration

For most B2B marketers the primary objective for the website is lead generation. Once you begin to generate leads, the leads are entered into a CRM system like You also should collect data on which SEO keywords and PPC campaigns generated the lead.

Marketing Automation

After you have captured a lead from your website, the next step is to nurture that lead. Marketing automation systems are designed to nurture leads using email drip programs to move prospects through the sales and marketing funnel.

Social Media

If you think social media is just for kids or consumer websites, you need to reevaluate your thinking in 2011. Social media has a plethora of channels that a B2B marketer can leverage: from using LinkedIn company profiles for recruiting, to leveraging Twitter to provide customer support and alerts, to building an online discussion board that fosters community and rapport with your customers.

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