Generate B2B Leads with a Blog

Think of a B2B blog as a modern replacement for your newsletter.

If you read the leading inbound marketing blogs you’ll notice that content is king when it comes to optimizing your B2B website for organic search (SEO). Consequently, the expert inbound marketing bloggers state that a blog is foundational.

Not only do you need to blog, you need to publish articles regularly. At a minimum, you should publish a blog article once per week. As the volume of your content grows, so will your search rankings. In addition to writing your blog, you will need to publicize your blog on other websites to generate inbound links and boost your search rankings.

You should also have your employees contribute to the blog on a regular basis. Consider establishing specific employees and subject matter experts in specific verticals and have them write about these subjects at least once a month. So, why not just use WordPress or Blogger and set up a sub domain with a dedicated blog? That can work, but it will not be as effective as having your blog integrated with your core site.

For the best SEO results, the blog should have the following URL format: . This will allow you to benefit from the SEO lift of a blog and keep visitors on your site. While you will not get more results displayed in the search page (Google is too smart for that), you can use your blog to increase the number of long-tail keyword terms you rank for.

Remember, you are blogging for a specific purpose and that purpose is to boost your rankings in search results. Every title you publish should have keywords embedded in it. When you think about an article title think about search terms your customers and prospects would enter into Google. How-to articles, 10 tips articles, and best practices articles are a good starting point for constructing blog article titles.

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