The Top 3 Drupal Responsive Themes and What You Need to Know

3 Most Popular Responsive themes

Responsive design is the latest trend in website design. It allows your website to be easily viewed on a variety of mobile devices and platforms. Fortunately, if you’re looking to build a responsive website on Drupal, you have a variety of responsive theme options to choose from. To help you select the right responsive base theme, we’ve selected the three most popular responsive themes, based upon the following criteria:

  • Responsive design at the core
  • Stability (out of beta)
  • Significantly large user base 
  • Supports HTML5
  • Free to download and install

Based upon the above criteria, here’s the short list of responsive themes that made the cut:


We like Omega because it is based on the 960 grid, it supports HTML5 and contextual layouts, and eliminates the need to use panels. Below are the latest download stats on the Omega theme. Currently, there are over 30,000 downloads and several large sites are based on this theme (as of 10/21/2012). For more information on the Omega theme, visit the Omega Theme Project.

Omega Theme Download stats


Zen has been a very popular base theme for a very long time and its latest incarnation is now a true responsive theme. It supports HTML5, Zen grids, and browser detection.  We like Zen because many people will find the theme’s layout and structure familiar and easy to work with. If you’re a developer who’s familiar with the Zen theme, this should be one of your first choices as a base theme. So far, there are approximately 20,000 downloads of the Zen theme (as of 10/21/2012). For more information on the Zen theme, visit the Zen Theme Project.

Zen download stats

AdaptiveTheme (AT)

We really like AT because it has been through several releases since 2010 and each release is better than the last (there have been over 30,000 downloads since the first release). AT supports HTML5, has a pluggable layout system and ships with optional "Extensions." These are easy point and click style settings such as fonts, heading styles, layout tweaks, image alignment and much more. So far, there are over 7,000 downloads of the AT 7.x -3.1 release (as of 10/21/2012). For more information on the Adpative theme, visit the AT Theme Project.

Adaptive download stats

Before you commit to any of the responsive themes, we strongly recommend you download and install each of them on a development server and try them out for yourself. Once you do that you’ll discover each has its own quirks.

In addition, each of them has a variety of add-ons which you will need to evaluate in detail to determine the suitability to your website's specific technical requirements. 

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