Use Live Chat Software to Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction on Your Website

shat software

One of the most cost effective tools for providing live customer support on websites today is live chat software. Programs such as LivePerson and RhinoChat allow your customer support people to manage multiple customer support conversations simultaneously. These tools offer one of the most effective ways to scale your support team’s throughput without increasing headcount significantly. 
In addition, live chat software allows you to track customer behavior on the website and allows you to quickly indentify issues with your online selling and support processes. For example, you can see where customers are abandoning your shopping cart or where the most support issues come from. 

If you are seriously thinking about installing chat software, here are four things you need to know:

  • There are low- and high-cost solutions. Always demo your potential solution first.
  • More expensive solutions offer more bells and whistles.
  • Make sure you have support staff with strong multitasking and typing skills available to respond to live chat requests.
  • Chat software can be automated to prompt customers to engage with customer support when certain pages are visited on the website.