Why Loopfuse is the Best Marketing Automation Solution for Small Business Today.


Just recently with the help of DMZ Interactive in Boston, LoopFuse upgraded their Drupal integration to work with Drupal version 7. This is great news for the thousands of small business who have built their websites on the Drupal content management system. Now these companies can utilize one of the most cost effective and powerful marketing automation suites on the market.

Combining LoopFuse and Drupal version 7 provides forward-thinking marketers with a best-of-breed marketing automation and CMS platform that is robust, scales up, and is highly extensible. Most importantly, it won’t break the marketing budget (see LoopFuse pricing page for details:http://www.loopfuse.com/pricing.php). Under the hood, the LoopFuse Drupal integration module works in concert with the popular and mature Drupal Webform module (http://drupal.org/project/webform). 

Building lead capture forms is easy with the Webform WYSIWYG:

With the Webform module, marketers can use a built-in WYSIWYG web form builder to quickly build lead capture forms and landing pages for their Drupal website in minutes. Form validation and input scrubbing are all handled behind the scenes. No more complex JavaScript or jQuery to scrub web forms. 

Stop junk lead submission with Captcha:

In addition, it’s easy to add Captcha fields to forms with the add-on Captcha Module to prevent spammers from clogging the CRM system with junk leads.

Once the web forms are built in Drupal, use the lead capture form wizard in LoopFuse to automatically map the fields from the new Drupal form to LoopFuse and into Salesforce.com CRM. After the forms are set up and the fields are mapped, marketers can begin collecting leads and sending out sophisticated email campaigns based on a variety of demographic and behavioral criteria in LoopFuse. It is important to note that having the lead capture forms hosted on a Drupal website offers a variety of benefits. One of the most important benefits is the ability to to track and analyze website visitor behavior and engagement in LoopFuse. This information can provide valuable insight that can help improve the effectiveness of a website’s conversion rates and lead generation campaigns.

LoopFuse works with a variety of editions of Salesforce CRM; however, companies with the Professional and Enterprise editions of SalesForce can take full advantage of the Loopfuse OneView plugin for Salesforce which appends real-time prospect website activity to lead records in SalesForce.

For more information on the Drupal to LoopFuse integration, please visit:http://drupal.org/project/loopfuse

For more information on LoopFuse Marketing Automation, please visit:http://www.loopfuse.com/index.php