Why You Should Put Your Phone Number on Your Website

Phone number on website.

Putting your phone number at the top of your website increases trust and credibility. This is probably the most simplistic piece of advice that numerous websites fail to follow. Why? There are many reasons but most of them boil down to fear and ignorance. Ignorance of how customers actually think about the buying process on line.  Fear of too many phone calls. Fear of not having the staff to handle the calls. 

The reality is 99% of the time you will not be flooded with calls and if you are, this should be viewed as a golden opportunity to improve your sales and support processes. For example, once you identify common patterns of support questions, you can build an FAQ that you can publish on your website. You could also incorporate these solutions into your voice mail system to help triage common support issues and increase the capacity and throughput of the customer service team.