Why You Should Use Drupal CMS to Build Your Next B2B Website

Drupal and B2B

If you read any of the leading inbound marketing blogs you’ll see that content is king when it comes to optimizing your website for organic search a.k.a SEO.

First and foremost, the leading inbound marketing bloggers state that a blog is a must have item. Not only do you need to blog, you need to publish articles regularly.

So why not just use Wordpress or Blogger and set up a subdomain with a dedicated blog? That can work, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Most companies have custom-built websites that are difficult to maintain and often require the intervention of the IT staff to make changes to content on the site.

With Drupal Open Source CMS you can take full control of the website content. Drupal has an easy to use web based interface that allows content publishers to easily update content on any part of the site. It also will keep the IT team happy because and it’s scalable, extensible and is easily optimized for SEO.

The best part: It’s free!

Currently there thousands of add-on modules for Drupal that allow you to quickly and easily add new functionality to your website.

To learn more about Drupal, check out the Drupal website: http://drupal.org/