The eCommerce Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • # 1 Position for highly competitive top PPC keywords
  • 100% increase in website visitor engagement
  • 75% increase organic keywords driving traffic
  • 63% increase search traffic
  • 40% increase in sales by  month over month
  • 50% decline in the Bounce Rate
  • 50% decrease in time spent fulfilling orders
  • Administrative task workload dramatically reduced.
  • New reports with KPI metrics allow the ecommerce business can be managed more effectively.

The Situation

Eastex Products is one of the leading suppliers of hook and loop tape (a.k.a.  Generic Velcro) in the United States. They originally contacted DMZ Interactive for assistance with search engine marketing (SEO and PPC) for their retail website,

The Challenges

After reviewing their current website infrastructure we quickly came to the conclusion that the website would not easily support their long-term search engine marketing goals. Why? First off, the site was over five years old and built using a first-generation web technology platform (pre CMS), which made it very difficult for non-technical users to update and add search engine optimized content. For example, the internal customer support staff could not easily update the products, product descriptions, page titles, or page Meta description tags.

In addition, the Paypal Website Payments Standard (WPS) shopping cart integration was set up to take visitors to the PayPal site instead of keeping them on the site. This proved to be a major impediment to tracking conversions of Google PPC ads and was the final nail in the coffin of the old website. Overall, the PayPal WPS shopping cart checkout process workflow provided a sub-optimal shopping experience for customers.

The Strategy and Solution

To address these technical infrastructure issues we designed and built a new website built on the Drupal content management system (CMS). The new CMS and related add-on modules immediately allowed Eastex to take advantage of SEO best practices and greatly reduced the amount of effort required to maintain and update the site. Along with Drupal, we installed and customized the Ubercart e-Commece shopping cart.  The customization required special modifications to the UPS shipping module to calculate box sizes based on the quantity and dimensions of product being ordered and to calculate shipping costs correctly. We also integrated Google Analytics tracking with the Ubercart shopping cart so we could track Adwords conversion data down to the individual product level.

The Results

The results and ROI for Eastex products have been significant and dramatic. Today, the customer support and fulfillment team spends 50% less time every day fulfilling orders due to an improved pick-and-pack workflow and order management infrastructure. Management can now run several custom KPI reports to see the profitability and health of their ecommerce business. Month-over-month sales are up by 40% with the same PPC expenditures.

As you can see from the following info-graphics the impact of out changes have had a substantial impact on several key metrics for the business.

Search Engine Traffic Increased by 63%:

Search Engine Traffic: BEFORE

Search Engine Traffic: AFTER

Keep in mind, the above charts only tell part of the story. The real story behind the data is the how we changed the mix of visitors to the website and decreased the bounce rate.

Google Analytics Bounce Rate is cut in half based on Adwords and SEO Recommendations:

Bounce Rate BEFORE: Hovering around 50 to 60%

Bounce Rate AFTER: Hovering around 25 to 30%


Number of organic keywords that drive traffic has increased by 78%:

Organic Keywords: BEFORE

Organic Keywords: AFTER

Data Source: SEMRush

#1 Top ranking for highly competitive target keywords:

Data source: Keywordspy

How was all of this accomplished? These results were achieved by taking a multifaceted approach. We performed a deep analysis of their online marketing efforts, SEO and PPC (keywords, bids, position, etc), online shopping processes, and shipping fulfillment workflow in order to better understand the problem, and to precisely tailor our solutions to Eastex’s needs.

The Eastex Products situation was not unique. Today, there are thousands of companies running on outdated web technology and e-Commerce platforms that would get a huge ROI from installing a modern CMS along with a robust ecommerce platform. Fortunately, companies have many options to choose from. The difficult decision is choosing the right vendor.

If you’re in the same situation with your website, we’d recommend selecting a vendor and partner who takes a holistic approach to your company’s online marketing actives. At DMZ Interactive we always look at the big picture before we make any recommendation to our clients.