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Generate B2B Leads with a Blog

Think of a B2B blog as a modern replacement for your newsletter.

If you read the leading inbound marketing blogs you’ll notice that content is king when it comes to optimizing your B2B website for organic search (SEO). Consequently, the expert inbound marketing bloggers state that a blog is foundational.


How to Capture More B2B Leads with Landing Pages

Capture more leads

Are you still using the plain vanilla “Contact Us” forms on your website to capturing leads? If so, it's time to consider creating custom landing pages for specific search terms.


The Inbound Marketing 2.0 Manifesto

Inbound Marketing Manifesto

Why the Inbound Marketing Revolution is Important to Your Business. Welcome to the brave new world of the socially engaged and connected consumer. Inbound Marketing 2.0 fully acknowledges the customer is in control. It takes the approach of pulling prospects to you instead of chasing after them.


How to Fix the Sales and Marketing Alignment Problem

The Sales and Marketing Alignment Problem

Today I spent some time trolling through Marketing Director Job postings on in the Boston area. It’s one my new business development activities. It’s absolutely amazing what you can learn from these job postings. Most of the job posts focus on brand building, creating collateral and attending trade shows. Many also talk about the requirement of having a dynamic and fun personality.


Three Ways to Rejuvenate Dead Leads

Nurturing Leads

One of the most productive sources of revenue for B2B marketers is their prospect and lead database. If it costs you $100 to acquire each lead in your database and you have 10,000 names in your database, the value of this data is 1 Million dollars or more!


Why Sales Says the Website Leads Stink

bad leads

Often there are many reasons for the sales team to criticize the quality of the leads generated by the website. If you're lucky, they may openly criticize the quality of the leads to management. On the other hand, they may do it covertly by not following up on the leads provided.