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Leveraging the Power of the Loopfuse Custom Event Tracking API

Back in November 2011, Loopfuse introduced the ability to track custom events inside their Oneview marketing automation solution. However, unless you are software developer, understanding the power of this hidden gem of a feature is hard to grasp. The basic idea with Loopfuse custom event tracking is that you can track and store any type of visitor data inside a custom event. This feature allows you to go beyond the basics of tracking email and website activity found in most marketing automation tools.


Why Loopfuse is the Best Marketing Automation Solution for Small Business Today.


Just recently with the help of DMZ Interactive in Boston, LoopFuse upgraded their Drupal integration to work with Drupal version 7. This is great news for the thousands of small business who have built their websites on the Drupal content management system. Now these companies can utilize one of the most cost effective and powerful marketing automation suites on the market.


Close More B2B Leads with an Email Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Build trust with your B2B prospects by sending them a monthly email newsletter.

One of the most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with customers and prospects is with a monthly email newsletter. For companies that cannot afford the expense of a marketing automation solution, a monthly newsletter is good low-budget alternative. If you are already sending out printed newsletters, STOP!


How to Prevent B2B Leads From Rotting on the Vine

Rotting leads

According to research from Brian Carol the author of “Lead Generation for the Complex Sale”, 70% of the visitors to your website researching your product will eventually buy a product from you or your competitors. Yet salespeople do not fully pursue around 70% of leads generated by marketing.