E-commerce ScoreCard

Are you an E-commerce leader or a laggard?

Discover if your E-commerce website is a market leader or a market laggard by taking this simple interactive self-assessment test.

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Market Laggard   Median   Market Leader
  Never   Sometimes   Always
Can customers and prospects easily find your products and services on the web via search engines?
Once visitors get to your site, can they find your products and services in less than 5 seconds? More specfically, is your Google Analytics bounce rate less than 40%?
Is it easy for customers to buy from you? Do you offer a money-back guarantee and have a no-hassle return policy?
Is your checkout process simple and contained on one page?
Do you meet and exceed customer expectations during the purchase process?
Do you have robust and intuitive product seach capabilties on the site?
Do you offer real-time customer support with a 1-800 number or online chat tools?
Do you offer a variety of shipping options, including free shipping?
Do customers have a high level of trust in your website? Can customers buy your products and services securely? Is your website PCI compliant?
Do you segment your customer email list based on product purchase history and tailor your email communication based on the attributes of that customer segment?