Google Adwords Scorecard

Are you maximizing your Google Adwords ROI?

Discover if you are Google Adwords leader or a market laggard by taking this simple interactive self-assessment test.

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Market Laggard   Median   Market Leader
  Never   Sometimes   Always
Do you have a clear search engine marketing strategy and goals with target metrics?
Do you know your top competitive 100 keywords?
Do you have clearly defined target budgets for your Adwords spending?
Do, you have custom landing pages for each ad group in Adwords?
You have a strong call to action in your ad copy?
Do you link your Google Adwords and Google Analytics accounts?
Do you closely monitor your quality scores in Adwords?
Do you use negative keywords?
When you place ads on the content networks you actively monitor the URL where your ads show up?
Do you use custom Google Analytics reports to track the performance of your campaigns, keywords, and ad groups?