Inbound Marketing Scorecard

Are you an inbound marketing leader or a laggard?

Discover if you are a market leader or a market laggard by taking this simple interactive self-assessment test.

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Market Laggard   Median   Market Leader
  Never   Sometimes   Always
You have a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy and plan.
You fully optimize your website content for organic search.
You publish interesting content on your website that gives users a reason to come back.
You efficiently use pay per click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic to your site and have a high ROI.
You use Google's conversion tracking capabilities.
You push the data captured from all landing page, web forms and associated Google keywords into a database.
You nurture your inquiries, prospects, leads and opportunities with email.
You have a point-based scoring system for your inbound leads and inquiries.
You actively comment on blogs related to your industry or that are relevant to your customers.
You have a corporate Facebook, Linked in and Twitter page.