Landing Page Scorecard

Are your landing pages market leaders or laggards?

Discover if your landing pages are market leaders or laggards by taking this simple interactive self-assessment test.

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Market Laggard   Median   Market Leader
  Never   Sometimes   Always
You have removed the navigation elements on the page.
You use graphics and images to communicate and reduce wordiness.
You use testimonials, customer quotes, customer logos or other credibility-enhancing elements to build trust.
You don't ask for too much information on landing page forms.
You have a strong call to action and offer something of real value.
You don't allow direct downloads of white papers or information without a valid email.
You always A/B test your landing pages.
You have Thank You pages with Google conversion tracking codes to track which keywords are converting.
You capture the information from the landing page in a CRM System like
You use a marketing automation system to track additional website behavioral data (pages viewed, links clicked, etc) and to nurture the leads generated by the landing page forms.