Marketo Integration,Training and Management

Marketing AutomationNeed help setting up and configuring Marketo? We're experts in Marketo integration, implementation and training.

Specifically, we offer the following services to help you maximise your Marketo ROI:

  • Setup and configuration of Marketo.
  • Setup and configuration of custom Marketo landing pages and web forms.
  • Integration and mapping of fields from Marekto to Salesforce.
  • Setting up and creating Campaigns in Marketo.
  • Creating custom emails and email templates in Marketo.
  • Setting up and creating Smart Lists, triggers and filters in Marketo.
  • Creating custom interesting moments in Marketo.
  • Multivariate testing in Marketo.
  • Setting up and creating auto-responder emails.
  • Establishing mutual lead scoring criteria with sales and marketing.
  • Creation of custom lists and rules in Marketo to segment audiences.
  • Training your internal marketing team on how to use Marketo effectively.

Start maximizing your Marketo ROI today and give us a call for a free no obligation consultation.