Our Process

Having the right B2B website design process can mean the difference between success and failure

As a B2B marketer, you are increasingly expected to deliver on strategy with cost-effective – yet innovative -- technologies. You are challenged to both identify new ways to grow business and engage customers more profitably. It isn't easy. Fortunately, we love that kind of challenge. We work with you to discover the challenge-specific strategies that will transform your business. Through our agile approach, we identify your greatest challenges and architect an integrated roadmap that drives higher performance and greater profitability.

Our process follows five distinct phases: DMZ Interactive Process

  1. Discover: The first thing we do is analyze the data and talk to the key stakeholders. We consider this the most important step, because what we learn here sets the foundation for everything we do. At this point, we ask a lot of questions, all intended to give us an up-close-and-personal look at your company: your unique challenges, objectives, competitive landscape, sales goals, target audiences, core messages, obstacles and opportunities.
  2. Define: Based on the information we learn in the Discovery Phase, next we define exactly what needs to be done and how we’re going to do it. We start with a high level strategy that includes audience targets, target devices (desktop vs. mobile first), user personas, buyer intent research and messaging, as well as specific elements to be used to engage your target audience across multiple delivery platforms.
  3. Design: With the high-level strategy approved, we begin to turn your vision into a creative, effective design. For website design projects, first we create a messaging and content strategy that will engage the target audience and articulate your unique value proposition. With that approved, we get creative: developing the concept, design execution, type specs and photographic treatment that will build your brand and its online presence. Then we create an information architecture and wireframes that outline how the elements will be laid out and how a user will interact with your website on a variety of platforms. 
  4. Develop: Now it’s time to turn the information architecture, high-fidelity comps, messaging and imagery into a living and breathing website that's integrated with your marketing ecosystem. To do that, we use the enterprise class content management system Drupal as the foundation. First, we create a custom responsive theme that fully realizes the vision of the design. We then implement the IA with robust menu and navigational elements that make it easy for your customers to find what they need fast. Next, we add several contributed modules to extend the capabilities and functionalities of the site. Once this is done, we finalize content and begin to load the words and pictures. Most importantly, we make it easy for you to update and add content to your site with Drupal.  We develop and test special features and interactivity, as well as verify links and functionality. Finally, we conduct a full website review and run your B2B website through our own QA process of final diagnostic checks.
  5. Deploy: With everything in check, we launch publicly, which usually calls for some kind of celebration, even if it’s bagels in the break room. At that point, DMZ is always close at hand to address any thoughts or concerns you may have about your live B2B website. At this point, we also begin tracking the key analytic metrics you’ll use to determine your next strategic initiative. With our detailed analytics, moving forward you can quickly turn data into insights that will advance your new customer-centric strategy.