Our Thinking

Online marketing today is driven by technology and data

Today you can track customer interactions across multiple channels and touch points. From website visitor bounce rates, to collecting leads on the website, to tracking close ratios in Salesforce.com, every stage of the customer life-cycle can be tracked and measured. Given this vast amount of data, savvy marketers realize they need serious technical know-how and solid data analysis skills. This data-driven approach is core to any online marketing strategy and its success is judged on the numbers it drives: more traffic, more leads, more sales, more conversions. That requires more than hiring a web developer or a data analyst; it means finding a skilled technical partner. At DMZ, we’ve invested heavily in developing the specialized knowledge, competencies, and strategies to turn your online objectives into measurable metrics. We can help you leverage real analytics, reduce IT costs, and create more relevant customer experiences. It’s our job to build a modern web platform that elevates your capabilities for the future.