Sales and Marketing Funnel Calculator

Do you have enough leads to hit your revenue targets? Find out now with our easy-to-use two-stage sales and marketing funnel calculator. With our funnel calculator you can perform a simple what-if analysis to determine if you need to increase your lead volume, close rate, or average order size. With this valuable information, you can determine where to focus your optimization efforts. While not a comprehensive analysis, it will allow you to perform a quick sanity check on your sales pipeline to determine if you need to make adjustments to hit your numbers.

Just enter your sales data in the form fields and click calculate:

Compare Scenario A Scenario B Delta (Change)
Total Leads (Top of Funnel)
Close and Won Percentage: %
Number of Closed and Won Opportunities
(Bottom of Funnel)
Average Sale: $
Total Revenue: $

  How to use the funnel calculator and the results:

  • Identify if your sales and marketing funnel is actually broken
  • If it’s broken, do a deep analysis of the part of the funnel that needs to be fixed
  • Come up with a plan to unclog the plugged up section of the funnel
  • Apply resources (time, money, and people) towards addressing the issues in the broken section of the sales and marketing funnel.
  • Repeat the process in 30 to 60 days to test and validate your solutions.

Need some help optimizing your funnel? We specialize in helping companies fix their sales and marketing funnels. From Google Analytics data analysis to implementing marketing automation systems to creating complex pipeline analysis reports in Salesforce, we can help you fix your funnel and accelerate your growth and revenue.

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