Salesforce Implementation Consulting implementations

Accelerating Your CRM ROI

You’ve decided to sign up and you’re ready to get started. Now what?  If you’ve reviewed any of the Salesforce training materials, you’ll quickly discover that setting up and configuring Salesforce is not a trivial task. That’s where we can help. At DMZ Interactive we specialize in designing, building, and implementing online sales and marketing ecosystems with Salesforce as the CRM foundation.   

Here are some of the key services we offer to get you up and running on Salesforce quickly:  

Salesforce Setup and Configuration:

  • Customization of Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Contacts
  • Defining sales pipeline stages
  • Sales management dashboards
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Custom objects
  • Getting leads to flow from your website into Salesforce
  • Integration with marketing automation suites such as Marketo.
  • Custom triggers
  • Data importing

Custom Report Creation

  • Closed and won opportunities by month 
  • Pipeline opportunities by close date and opportunity stage
  • Trend in pipeline at the 1st of each month
  • Open opportunities by created date
  • Stage movement report
  • Opportunity conversion ratio
  • Average size of closed deals -- company-wide and by rep
  • Top 10 clients and prospects
  • Completed activities per sales person and team
  • Sales performance vs. target

Salesforce Training:

  • Understanding the workflow from website to marketing automation to Salesforce
  • Understanding the Salesforce data objects -- storing information in the right place at the right time
  • Establishing rules and metrics for when a lead is ready for sales, e.g., if you give sales leads that are not ready for sales, marketing will be accused of providing junk leads
  • Understanding lead assignment rules and creating new ones
  • How to set up lead validation rules
  • How to set up workflows and automated tasks
  • How to create custom reports
  • How to create custom charts
  • Key metrics marketers need to pay attention to
  • Best practices for setting up email templates
  • Data hygiene best practices (preventing dupes and making certain fields mandatory)
  • Configuring Salesforce to maximize productivity and sanity
  • Setting up dashboards to insure adoption of Salesforce
  • How sales management can use activity data (emails, phone calls, and tasks) in Salesforce to measure a sales rep's effectiveness
  • How to set up sales pipeline (opportunity) reports
  • How to customize the leads tab: How to add fields and set filters to give you the right data
  • Verifying lead assignment rules are working correctly: Making sure the right salesperson is getting the right lead at the right time
  • How lead response time impacts sales
  • Making sure key metrics are being displayed on the dashboard
  • The importance of data hygiene. Why dupes are really bad. Why missing or bad email addresses kill marketing automation and will handcuff the marketing team.
  • Why clean and professional email templates are good and how they allow you to benchmark your email's effectiveness



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