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You have a comprehensive sales management dashboard with several custom reports that track the sales team’s KPI metrics.
Your sales manager logs into Salesforce every morning and refreshes the dashboard KPI data.
You have several custom reports and graphs to monitor the health of your sales pipeline.
Within minutes, sales management can report on the health of the sales pipeline and provide details on the top pending opportunities and their expected close dates and amounts.
Each salesperson has a custom dashboard to measure and track their KPI metrics and pipeline.
Sales management regularly conducts weekly pipeline reviews with each salesperson using opportunity data and reports in Salesforce.
Sales management has clearly defined opportunity stages for your organization’s sales process.
You have no more than 5 stages for your opportunities in Salesforce.
Every salesperson on the team effectively utilizes the next step field on Opportunities to manage follow-up actions with Opportunities in the pipeline.
You have added a next step date custom field to Opportunities to track and monitor when the next step should be taken.

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