The Team

At DMZ interactive we work passionately to help our clients create engaging customer experiences that increase revenue, reduce costs, and leverage the latest technology innovations to extend their online reach and provide an integrated user experience.

Derek Gilmore Derek Gilmore
Founder and CEO

Derek works to realize his company’s mission of helping clients maximize marketing technology ROI. In his role as CEO, he isn’t afraid to get down into the technical details. As an expert marketing technologist with experience at companies like Insight Direct, Fidelity Investments, Thompson Financial and Dialogos, Derek rolls up his sleeves and critically examines the marketing technology and data for opportunities to exploit. He integrates sites with marketing automation tools like Marketo and CRM platforms like He designs and builds your website so that your content is dyamic, responsive and fresh.

Sandy Gilmore
Content Strategist & Writer

Sandy is the content creation expert at DMZ interactive. She develops content strategies that support the overall strategy for our client’s brand and product campaigns. These strategies define the what, how much, when, where, why and how for content across multiple channels. She’ll help you create content that attracts, grows, informs, and engages your audience.

Prior to joining DMZ interactive Sandy worked in the broadcasting industry for CBS radio as an on air-talent and music director