The Twinstrata Website Redesign Case Study

Key Takeaways

  • 930% increase in search engine traffic
  • 276% increase in the number of organic keywords driving traffic
  • Clearer value proposition communication with new home page design
  • Easier usability and navigation with better menus
  • More leads with more effective call to action blocks.

The Situation

Twinstrata is a provider of software and services for off-site data protection, disaster recovery, business continuity, and instant data storage capacity expansion. Their website needed a comprehensive design update.
All together, they called us in to provide an updated website design, new home page animated banner, scrolling customer logo portfolio, Drupal upgrade and a Wordpress blog migration.

The Challenges

The toughest technical challenges for in the involved the reverse engineering of the current Drupal implementation and migrating and upgrading al the Drupal core code from version 5 to version 6 along with all the legacy add-on modules that were previously installed. Other challenges included redesigning the menu system to include new multi-level jQuery menu system along with a secondary menu in the left column of all second- level pages on the site.

The Strategy

Our core strategy had a two prong attack. The first objective was to increase engagement and decrease visitor bounce rates though a more effective home page design. We accomplished this by creating a new visual hierarchy on the home page and by leveraging a series of rotating banners that helped communicate Twinstrata’s key value proposition. The second part of our strategy was to upgrade the Drupal and Wordpress core infrastructure to make sure the site could fully take advantage of the best of breed SEO modules so the site could be fully optimized for SEO and generate inbound traffic.

The Results

Overall, the impact of our Drupal Implementation and Wordpress migration were significant and dramatic. As you can see from the following graphics and charts web traffic climbed by 930% after we implemented the new site.

930% increase in Search Engine Traffic:

Search Engine Traffic: BEFORE

Search Engine Traffic: AFTER

Data Source: SEMRush

276% increase in the number of organic keywords that drive traffic

Organic Keywords: BEFORE

Organic Keywords: AFTER

Data Source: SEMRush

The Twinstrata situation was not unique. Today, there are thousands of companies running on outdated websites with poor UI design that would get a huge ROI from doing a design overhaul along with CMS upgrade. Fortunately, companies have many options to choose from. The difficult decision is choosing the right vendor and design partner.

At DMZ Interactive we have a solid track record of delivering ROI for our clients and our case studies have the data to prove it. We encourage you to read all the DMZ case studies so you can see for yourself how we transformed each company’s on-line presence.

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