Website Scorecard

Is your B2B website helping or hurting your business?

Discover if your B2B website is an asset or a impediment by taking this simple interactive self-assessment test.

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Hurting   No Impact   Helping
  No   Not Sure   Yes
Does your website clearly communicate what your company or organization offers in less than 10 seconds? More specfically, is your Google Analytics bounce rate less than 40%?
Do most (80%) of your new website visitors spend less than 10 seconds viewing the content of your website? (For an exact number, see Avg. Time on Page data in Google Analytics)
Do customers and prospects repeatedly visit your website? (For an exact number, see Recency and Frequency data in Google Analytics)
Can customers and prospects easily find what they are looking for on your website? (For more insight, see Visitor Flow data in Google Analytics)
Does your website inspire trust and confidence in your company, products and services?
Is your website responsive (RWD) and up-to-date relative to your competitors?
Can you connect website visitors to revenue generation?
Does your website drive revenue generation?
Does your website increase the efficiency of your marketing expenditures?
Can you easily add and update content and functionality on the website without the intervention of a programmer?

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